Come as you are, leave loving who you are.

About Sun Peaks Yoga

I always knew that Sun Peaks would be where I settled down and built a life. I have moved more than the average person and Sun Peaks has always remained my happy place. It is where I want to raise my kids so they can grow up in a small community full of life and love. If I have ever been having a bad day, stressing over the little (or big) things and letting life get me down I always tell myself to take a step outside, take a deep breath of that fresh mountain air and look around as I remember where I am.

I was working in a yoga studio in Kamloops when my husband and I began taking steps to move permanently to Sun Peaks. Yoga had become such a vital part of my life that when it came time to decide on how I would build my future on the mountain it was pretty clear what I needed to do. There was no existing studio and I needed daily access to yoga. Previously, I would drive down once a week or so and take a class in town. So I got to work. I found a great contractor who helped me design and build the space, an amazing team of teachers and a great studio manager. This team has stuck by me as we opened, then closed, then reopened, then closed again (a few more times) in the first 18 months of business. Together we built a welcoming, inclusive space full of community and unconditional love.